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    Roasted Veggie Curry Soup

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    Well, this is my first-ever blogged recipe and I must admit I really want to ramble on and on about how I came up with it, how wonderful it is, and how it's going to change the course of my life.

    Bottom line, I needed a low protein, veggie soup, with minimal animal protein. I was craving a warm earthy flavor, and somehow managed to pull it off. Mind you, I keep things pretty simple in the kitchen, so I'm pretty proud of this simple but lovely creation.

    Warning, I loved it, family didn't. I've been minimal sugar for weeks now, they haven't. Do what you will with that info. My recipe makes enough to feed my big family!

    But great news! I'm done rambling. 😉 Here it is! Drop me a comment if you try it!

    Roasted Veggie Curry Soup

    Yields: 4 quarts

    1 cup: 16g total carbs, 4g fiber, 11g fat, 4g protein, 179 calories


    (all of my ingredients were organic)

    • Cauliflower: 1 1/2lb, coarsely chopped
    • Sweet potatoes (unpeeled, diced): 1 1/5lb or 19oz
    • Peppers: 1 yellow, 1 red, diced
    • Garlic: 6-8 cloves, coarsely chopped
    • Olive oil: 2tbsp
    • Kerrygold salted butter: 2tbsp
    • Sweet onion: 6 1/2oz coarsely chopped
    • Organic vegetable broth: 32oz
    • Garbanzo beans (not drained): 15 1/5oz
    • Organic coconut milk unsweetened: 27oz
    • Diced canned tomatoes: 10oz
    • Turmeric: 3/4tsp (or to taste)
    • Curry powder: 3/4tsp (or to taste)
    • Smoked paprika: 3/4tsp (or to taste)
    • Pumpkin seeds to garnish: 1/8 cup or as desired


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    Preheat oven to 375.

    Toss cauliflower and sweet potatoes in the olive oil. Spread in a shallow pan and roast until cauli edges start to brown and sweet potatoes are almost soft.

    While they are roasting, sauté peppers, onions and garlic in the butter. Start with onions first, cook a few mins, then add peppers, then garlic towards the end. Do not cook until soft.

    In an 8qt or larger stock pot, add broth, garbanzo beans, canned tomatoes, spices, and all the veggies.

    Let this slowly simmer until all veggies are soft. Using an immersion blender, thoroughly blend everything together. This will have a lot of texture from the potato skins, so if you wish you can peel them first.

    Garnish with pumpkin seeds.

    Enjoy my unprofessional photos in horrific lighting and dirty stovetop.

    Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
    Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
    Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
    February 12, 2019